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Too Much Sitting!
9 Wasy to Move During the Workday





Health Impact Program
HIP is a comprehensive well-being program to help you achieve your
physical, financial, personal and professional well-being goals
all while having fun and reaching milestones along the way.

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New Mindfullness Webinars!


Learning to Relax

Tuesday, June 12, 2018
11:30 a.m. Arizona Time
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Balancing Work and Life

Thursday, June 27, 2018
12:00 p.m. Arizona Time

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Free Hearing Screenings

Earn 25 HIP Points!

May 21: ADOT, 206 S. 17th Av, 8 am-4 pm
May 23: AHCCCS, 701 E. Jefferson St, 8 am-4 pm
May 30: DES Chandler, 125 E. Elliott Rd, 8 am-4 pm

June 6: DHS, Lab Svcs, 250 N. 17th Av., 8 am - 4 pm
June 15: ADOA, 100 N. 15th Av, 8 am-4 pm


Don't see your location?

View the list of hearing test providers for your free screening. Tell the provider you are a State of AZ employee.

HIP points: Points record automatically at agency screenings. For outside screenings, submit receipt to by 6/30/2018

Fitbit Challenge Winners!


Elizabeth Adigu, Arizona State Library and
Theresa Shin of the ASU School of Molecular Sciences

They were selected in our drawing to receive a Fitbit by completing the online Health Assessment, as part of the first quarter HIP promotion

We encourage all employees to complete the online Health Assessment to get importnat infomation about your health, connect to digital health coaching and also earn 150 HIP points toward the 500 point incentive goal.  

Here's what Elizabeth had to say, "thank you for the Fitbit. I will be using it to track my sleep and my daily workouts. It’s nice to see the State has a program to promote wellness, since it is a win-win for both employees and the State.

"I encourage everyone to fill out an assessment to get a good gauge of where to start.  You don’t need to do everything at once; I would recommend to start with small steps which will build into more sustainable habits".


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Wellness Webinars/Seminars

Avoiding Slips, Trips & Falls

Workplace Violence Avoidance

Lifting Hazards


Uof A




Our Mission

Benefit Options Wellness is committed to helping employees be well today and stay well for life. The most important long term benefit of the Wellness Program is the enhanced overall health and quality of life of State of Arizona employees. Improving the health of our employees assists in controlling health care costs for them and for the State Health Plan.

Our program mission is to improve the wellness of State of Arizona employees as a whole by empowering each employee with health knowledge and an ability to demonstrate positive health behaviors.

Wellness provides free or low cost educational programming, health screenings, interactive web tools, and health related services. Our services are provided by contracted professionals who travel throughout the state. Take some time to review the program offerings on the left navigation bar to find one of interest.