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HIP 2017 - The Countdown is On!

There's still time to register and rack up your points for 2017! Benefit eligible employees, visit our NEW website

Plus, you can log points for preventive services done anytime during 2017, as an active, benefits elegible employee.

How to Earn Points
Step 1: Log into your HIP account at and click on the “Unaccepted” tab. (middle of screen)

Step 2: Find a challenge you would like to participate in and click the green “Accept” button. Each challenge is categorized by Exercise, Nutrition, Well-Being, and Financial. Based on the type of challenge you select, go to the corresponding tab on the left side of your screen.
EXAMPLE: If you select Dental Exam #1, go to the Well-Being tab.

Step 3: When you are on the challenge tabs, log your activity or answer the questions to earn your points. Hit “Save Activity” after entering your information.
EXAMPLE: After accepting “Dental Exam #1” it will move to the Well-Being tab. Then you must answer “yes” to the question.

It’s that easy! You should see the points reflected at the top of your screen. Once you complete a challenge or if it is a challenge that runs the whole quarter, it will then reflect in your “Completed” tab after logging out.

View the website tutorial here!


Already reached 500 Points?
With our new program, you do NOT need to do anything else at this time. We are auditing on the back end so if we need any additional documentation from you, we will reach out to you. The incentive checks will be included in your regular paycheck in the first quarter of 2018.


Our Mission

Benefit Options Wellness is committed to helping employees be well today and stay well for life. The most important long term benefit of the Wellness Program is the enhanced overall health and quality of life of State of Arizona employees. Improving the health of our employees assists in controlling health care costs for them and for the State Health Plan.


Our program mission is to improve the wellness of State of Arizona employees as a whole by empowering each employee with health knowledge and an ability to demonstrate positive health behaviors.


Wellness provides free or low cost educational programming, health screenings, interactive web tools, and health related services. Our services are provided by contracted professionals who travel throughout the state. Take some time to review the program offerings on the left navigation bar to find one of interest.